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MapWin32 Pro

  You can try MapWin32 Pro out from the free version of Mappy Win32 by entering the demo registration number 00000001 in the mapwin.ini file, this enables all the Pro features, but you can't save or export the map. You can also read the documentation for the Pro version from the Help menu in Mappy Win32. If you have any questions before buying, please contact me. Here are a few of the features (click the links for pictures):

  Tile graphic editor Edit the tile graphics, copy, cut and paste to the Windows clipboard
  Brush selector (right window) Brushes can be seen and selected in the Block window
  Object and area editor Place any size objects/areas at any pixel coordinate (even off the map). Can use external graphics

NEW instant proregnumber, simply complete the purchase below and click 'return to merchant'
You can use Paypal or creditcard, any currency is fine

Single user licence, cost is £10 (about US$15, or €11):

What you get:

  Unique serial number to enable all the MapWin32 Pro extensions in MappyWin32 with saving and export. This will work on future updates too.
  A password for the bonus pack see the page for contents