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Spiral Knights

Site: www.spiralknights.com
Platform: PC Windows XP/7/8. Approx size: 3gb. Also available through Steam.
Overall: 5/5
Spiral Knights is a refreshing and relaxing action delving game with a surprisingly advanced ingame economy which supports steam trading.


You can explore the clockworks either solo or in a team of up to 4 players. Missions allow a sense of advancement from recruit to vanguard and the old mist system which prevented free players from progressing much has been scrapped so this game is now recommended.

Initial Impressions:

The game can be played through steam, kongregate and from the site. It is not too large a download so worth a play if you are undecided. The visuals, design, and music are great and evoke an era of gaming from the past, though some may not like the simplistic and non-realistic style and the interface may take a little getting used to. There is a short intro and you get to design your knight, then a quick tutorial to introduce you to the game and how to play. Shortly you will arrive in Haven where the main game can be explored through a variety of missions or just wandering about. There seems to be a fair amount of loading screens which can be boring. You can now start through the missions obtaining a sprite, coins, rarities, materials for crafting and minerals. Remember you can trade ingame on the AH and players, inventory space is unlimited which is refreshing to find although slots on your character to equip cost energy (which can be bought or traded for on the depot exchange).

General play:

Levels are generally accessed from the missions menu or the arcade which will take you to a lobby where you can specify what type of party you are creating and what difficulty (stick to normal for the starter missions even though these are very easy). Mission completion often gives rewards and access to the next missions. Later missions/arcade are better and offer more of a challenge when on elite difficulty, you will make gear which is rated 0 to 5 stars with recipes and crafting, some orbs required for this are given as rewards, and can be found rarely in boxes in levels or bought with energy on the depot.

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