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Site: nw.perfectworld.com
Platform: PC Windows XP/7/8 high end PC recommended. Approx size: 8gb. Also available through Steam.
Overall: 3/5
A very good looking action MMO RPG, many different activities including professions (crafting), skirmish, dungeon delves, foundry and PVP. Some bits are better than others and while improvements could be made (and are) you can have a lot of fun at least getting to midgame.


Neverwinter is an action MMO RPG based on D&D rules, you create a character from numerous races and a class (Trickster Rogue, Control Wizard, Great Weapons Fighter, Guardian Fighter, Hunter Ranger and Devoted cleric) and embark on a largely quest based game which will probably seem familiar if you have played any MMO.

Initial Impressions:

Another large game, that is somewhat demanding especially graphically, but looks very good on modern graphics cards. Creating a character has all the usual features you expect, then you can get started. After the initial cut-scene you find yourself washed up on a beach and must talk to a computer NPC for a bit of background and a quest to retrieve your gear. Tutorial messages appear on how to play the game and you make your way through a couple of quests to the main hub, Protector's Enclave. A sparkly trail makes it easy to find your current quest objective and best advice is to just follow the main quests to become acquainted with everything.

General play:

Game mechanics are gradually introduced at various levels and there are a lot of these. Levelling is generally quick and you don't have to group for the main quest though this may make it more difficult. If you have any trouble advancing buy some better gear from vendors with the coins you collect. Quests are generally simplistic of the talk to this character, kill x of these, collect x of these or press use on x of these, though the settings are quite varied. Combat will depend on your class and which at-will, encounter and daily abilities you have equipped. Generally each class has a block or evade, which you should use when the warning areas appear on the ground.

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