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Site: www.playhawken.com .
Platform: PC Windows XP/7/8 medium/high end PC recommended. Approx size: 7gb. Also available through Steam.
Overall: 5/5
Hawken is a futuristic mech fighting game with many upgradeable mechs to use.


Hawken is an interesting team based mech figthing game, it is slower paced than most other shooting games sometimes leading to more tactical play.

Initial Impressions:

There is a fairly lengthy tutorial mission which demonstrates dodging and other techniques, then you can choose to play with the limited number of mechs available at the start for free players. Games are moody and the sound design is impressive. Stick with your team to destroy the opposing team of mechs for victory.

General play:

Kind of an odd game, fun but the slow pace (even with dodging) takes some getting used to. You can repair by hiding and holding C. You can pick up power cores to repair your shields and learn which tactics are best for winning, including machine guns, missiles, grenades and shields and other features.

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