(C)1993 Fatal Mission 2

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FM2 logo - never usedFM2 Render - never used

  Vertically scrolling space shootemup with 6 long levels.

  This is more like it, but I went a bit overkill and the levels are about twice as long as they should be. Special mention goes to the really poor level 3. Just for you, I have removed the codesheet protection (took ages to find Devpac and my sourcecode) so you can play the whole game (whoopee).

* Very smooth scrolling (on a REAL Amiga)
* 50 fps update, slows sometimes on A500
* 16 colour backdrop with another 16 colours for hardware sprites
* Vertical hardware scroll with partial horizontal hardware scroll
* Interleaved 'wrapped' bitplanes and damage map (very efficient)
* Hardware sprites used for players ship, addons, shots, and enemy bullets. The 8 hardware sprites can be reused up to 100 times in one frame
* Enemy ships a bit tough, or your weapons too weak

I have put both Fatal Mission 2 and 3 on the same ADF disk image. Fellow 032a messes up the player's ship graphic. WinUAE is fine.

Download Fatal Mission 2 and 3 as ADF file (688K)
Visit Aminet for LHA archive (search for 'FatalM')

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