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  A horizontal scrolling space shootemup, one long(ish) level.
  The first game is not that good technically, it is difficult, you have to be in the right places and you have a limit of two of your bullets on screen at once, so if you are at the left edge firing is much slower and you can't destroy the enemy ships. Techy bits:

* My first released PD game!
* 25 fps update, slows down rarely on A500
* 32 colour display with copper effect on score overlay giving 40 colours
* Horizontal hardware scroll, double buffered
* Inefficient non-interleaved bitplanes and clipboard system
* Hardware sprites used for ship attachment and player's bullets. Bullet hardware sprites are reused up to 3 times per frame
* Original FM1 was on a custom disk, I rereleased it in '93 as a single file

To see Fatal Mission you need 1Mb CHIP(graphics) memory on your Amiga or UAE/Fellow. There are no known faults under emulation.

Download Fatal Mission as ADF file (283K)
Download Fatal Mission music mod files (163K)
Download Fatal Mission source code (20K)
Visit Aminet for LHA archive (search for 'FatalM')

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