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Downloads (340K) NEW DirectX demo, you need DirectX3 or later to run it (the start-o-matic button only works once due to a bug, re-run the demo for another go).

Project News (latest first)

  aedx4b, This is a very minor update which disables taking screenshots as some systems took them unprompted before :) Incidentally, there has been no work done on it due to lack of interest, if I get enough emails I'll carry on with it.

  I have fixed a bug in the demo (aedx4) which meant some systems had no sound, if you had no sound, download the new Also, you can take screenshots with the 'alt' key.

  Just thought I'd add a couple of screenshots, below. To see a full size (640*480) 'shot, Click here.


  New demo, see link above. Added sound effects and music (will probably change), let me know if the sound works or not. New level design, doors open/shut, colour font, more playable.

  Added new alpha demo, see link above. It is now partly playable, use the arrow keys to move with ctrl and shift to fire/alter weapon

  Only just made it by the end of February, but there is a new demo which has a few nice effects and the sprites you can see below. Click on the link at the top of this page, let me know what you think...

  I have postponed the demo until I have finished V1.0 of my map editor (which is nearly done). Still, I expect to post a demo before the end of February... To cheer you up, here are a couple of sprites from the game, thanks to Ste for the blobby one :)

Player spriteAlien blob sprite

  You could be forgiven for thinking Alien Epidemic had been discontinued, as this page hasn't been updated for months, but I'm working on it again, and should have a new demo to upload in a month or so (maybe). The background graphics for level1 are nearly done, and are of 'acceptable' quality. I've also discovered some nice realtime effects to put in. The next job is to draw some sprites, I have some ideas...